Promoting Economic Opportunities for All

Date created: 21 December 2021

The Australian Government’s ‘Gender Equality Thematic Strategy, Promoting opportunities for all’ identifies economic empowerment and livelihood security as Pillar 3 of the strategy because economic empowerment of women is fundamental to enabling women to live productive and meaningful lives. This guide covers development programming through direct investments and within mainstream investments.

Women’s economic empowerment can be improved through direct investments that:

  • Support change to legislation, policy and government or private sector capacity that enables women to earn a living.

  • Invest in innovative solutions to carer responsibilities often associated with socially defined roles of women.

  • Improve women’s agricultural productivity and access to markets. • Expand appropriate financial services, products and access for women and girls.

  • Invest in social protection that helps women weather economic shocks and move to sustainable livelihoods.

In mainstream investments outcomes for women and girls can also be improved through:

  • Increased economic outcomes for women and girls through access to gender sensitive health and education services.

  • Ongoing, and better targeted, investments in economic infrastructure that benefit women, men, girls and boys, such as roads, or access to communications and digital technology.

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