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Intellectual property

The Pacific Data Hub hosts datasets under a range of different licences to cater for the specific intellectual property protection requirements of various datasets. By accessing specific dataset pages, users impliedly agree to comply with the terms of the specific licence applicable to each dataset, as described on the respective dataset pages. This includes attributing the data custodian in the manner specified in the relevant licence when using content from the dataset, and complying with the relevant copyright terms, as applicable.

Disclaimer as to datasets submitted to the Pacific Data Hub

The Pacific Data Hub Project Team, located in SPC, maintains this data hub to enhance public access to open data and knowledge products, and continues to promote and strengthen initiatives and partnerships with key organisations in the Pacific region to continue to grow the hub.

While SPC receives and publishes the datasets and knowledge products, SPC does not accept any liability for any of the datasets and knowledge products published on the Pacific Data Hub. SPC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of content on or from external parties and data custodians.

The Pacific Data Hub disclaims and excludes all liability for any claim, loss, demand or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of any of the data, content or materials produced by external parties and data custodians.

Privacy and security

The Pacific Data Hub is committed to protecting the privacy and security of visitors and that of data custodians. While the intention is for the Pacific Data Hub to become a multi-stakeholder-owned and managed platform, it is currently a product of SPC, and as such is bound by SPC’s Privacy Policy. Under this policy, SPC ensures respect for personal information and that it is appropriately protected. To this end, SPC confirms:

  1. we regard personal information as any information about an identified individual or information about an individual who is reasonably identifiable
  2. the Pacific Data Hub does not publish personal information unless the person to whom the information pertains consents to the disclosure.

The Pacific Data Hub Project Team strives to protect all information provided on We will do our very best to protect your data and ensure that appropriate security features are enabled. Data custodians and individuals to which the information relates have the right to request access to, or rectification or erasure of, their data. 

Users who have concerns about their privacy and security may contact the Pacific Data Hub Project Team at: [email protected].


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