Pacific Island Populations 2020

The Pacific Community's Statistics for Development Division produces regular population updates via Population Posters and Pocket Statistical Summaries. These are both available in the Pacific Data Hub as softcopy publications and datasets.

Pacific Islands Population Poster 2020 2020 Pocket Summary


View the 2020 Pocket Summary dataset in PDH.stat (examples of the data below)

Example of population statistics indicators from the Pocket Summary:

Dotstat pocket summary pop data

Example of vital statistics indicators from the Pocket Summary:

Dotstat pocket summary vital stats

View the 2020 population pyramid datasets associated with the 2020 population poster (by age and sex) in PDH.stat. (examples of the data below)

Dotstat pop projections 2020

The following population pyramid animation allows you to visualise the population projections datasets by country, over time. Select a country and either a single year, or press play to view the full animated time series.

Note: population estimates are derived from the latest available analyses of national censuses, vital registration data, health records and surveys. Since many Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) have very small populations, estimates of fertility and mortality, particularly in the smaller countries and territories in Micronesia and Polynesia, are often presented as multi-year averages in order to provide more robust figures.

The 2020, 2030 and 2050 mid-year population estimates for Papua New Guinea are based on an adjusted final 2011 census count of 7,275,324; the Solomon Islands are based on an adjusted 2009 base population to address undercounts in their 2009 census. Estimates for New Caledonia are based on the 2014 age-sex distribution and constrained to the provisional 2019 total count of 271,407. Final 2019 census counts by age and sex for New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands were unavailable at the time of the projection revisions, and these projections should be considered as provisional.