Introduction to PDH.stat Indicator Database


Pacific Data Hub .Stat (commonly known as PDH.stat) is a powerful interactive online tool that presents a wide range of statistical indicators in a flexible and dynamic manner. PDH.Stat empowers users in their quest for Pacific data by providing state-of-the-art search functionalities and offering a user-friendly interface to extract information from voluminous data tables. 

PDH.Stat contains more than 350 indicators represented in tables which include population figures, main economic indicators, social statistics and SDGs, and is continually expanding. A full list of indicators available in PDH.stat can be found here

For an introduction on how to use PDH.stat see this video : 

Note: Datasets in PDH.stat are registered in the Pacific Data Hub main catalog where both data and metadata files are downloadable. There are also links to the PDH.stat Data Explorer for users interested in slicing and dicing the data and customising the dataset.