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Good data is the roadmap to good education policy

Good data is the roadmap to good policy and the Pacific Island Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (PILNA) is a perfect example of how an investment in data can lead to meaningful change for the Pacific. PILNA was developed by SPC’s Educational Quality & Assessment Programme (EQAP) to provide a snapshot of how Pacific youth are faring in the skills essential to progress through school and life - reading, writing, numbers, operations, measurements and data.

Wake up, a project for and with young Pacific people

Well-known for its landscapes, authentic and welcoming population, the Pacific region is also sadly famous because of the high rate of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are today the main cause of death in the Pacific. To help tackle this regional health crisis, the Public Health Division of the Pacific Community (SPC) began the Wake Up project.

Electronic reporting logsheet systems: Beauty and the beast

Samoa Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture staff Mrs Laurian Finau Groves (right) and Mrs Tuapou Ariu (left) are trained by Malo Hosken on the use of the OnBoard application developed by SPC to facilitate electronic reporting from tuna longline vessels.

Electronic reporting (ER) logsheet systems available to tuna longline fishing vessels continue to attract interest from the Pacific Community member countries. The ‘beauty’ is the fact that the vessel captain is the only person who enters the data, thereby allowing fisheries officers to spend time on verifying and analysing the data rather than on entering the data manually while reading a (not always clearly written) paper loghseet.

Vanuatu education launches revamped information management system

Vanuatu’s education ministry has successfully integrated the Pacific Community’s cloud-based assessment management module into its information system, an upgrade that is expected to boost the efficient processing of exam results. Yesterday, the ministry launched its revamped data management system, commonly referred to as Open VEMIS (Vanuatu Education Management and Information System).

EQAP delivers first micro-qualification in educational assessment

The Pacific region’s first micro-qualification course in the development of assessment instruments was delivered by the Pacific Community’s Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) last month.

The certified training, conducted over five weeks and inclusive of face-to-face sessions on three consecutive Saturdays, sets the pathway for the region’s educators who want to be qualified developers of examinations and internal assessments.