SPREP core national environment indicators

Date created: 07 March 2022

This list of indicators was developed through the Inform project at SPREP for use by Pacific Islands countries (PICs) to meet their national and international reporting obligations. The indicators are typically adopted by PICs for their State of Environment reports and are intended to be re-used for a range of MEA and SDG reporting targets. The indicators have been designed to be measurable and repeatable so that countries can track key aspect of environmental health over time. The indicators are mapped to key MEA and SDG reporting targets and can be used with the Indicator Reporting Tool (also developed by the Inform project) to reduce the burden of environmental reporting on PICs. Indicators can be used as is, adapted for countries needs, or used in conjunction with other national-scale indicators selected by PICs. This dataset includes a summary pdf document and an associated excel file with more detail.

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Issued 2021-07-21
Modified 2022-02-11
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Publisher Name Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
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