Nauru Territorial Sea Zone (12 Nautical Miles)

Date created: 17 May 2022

Nauru's Territorial Sea Baseline was defined using the 1993 topographic map produce by Survey Graphics Pty Ltd of Perth, Western Australia, under the direction of the Ministry of Island Development and Industry. The map is based on UTM Grid Zone 58, which is referred to the World Geodetic System 1972 (WGS 72). The WGS 72 coordinate system was then converted to WGS 84 using transformation parameters tabled on Nauru Maritime Boundaries Technical Report (TR 399).

MapInfo and Marzone delimitation software was used to map the 86 basepoints which was the basis in delimiting outer limits of 12M, 24M and 200M.

Nauru's Territorial Sea Baseline is categorised as a normal baseline. Under the United National Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), normal baseline can be drawn around low tide elevation which are defined as naturally formed areas of land surrounded by and above water at low tide but submerged at high tide, provided they are wholly or partially within 12 nautical miles of the coast.

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Issued 2022-05-17
Modified 2022-05-17
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