Mauritius +5 Status Report: Republic of Palau

Date created: 07 March 2022

The Mauritius Strategy for Implementation (MSI) was adopted during the second global conference on the sustainable development of the small island developing states (SIDs). It is broadā€based. Its 20 chapters address a wide range of issues that have unique ramifications in the context of small islands. Cross-cutting issues include planning for sustainability, climate change, sea level rise, energy, transportation, communications, and information. Environmental issues include biodiversity, water and land resources, and waste management.

This report therefore presents the national initiatives by Palau to reduce vulnerability and remove binding constraints to development while also leveraging bilateral and multilateral resources.

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Issued 2021-06-24
Modified 2022-02-15
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Publisher Name OERC - Environmental Response and Coordination
Contact Name Republic of Palau National Government
Contact Email [email protected]