List of invasive or harmful alien species in Wallis and Futuna Territory

Date created: 21 April 2020

This is the current list of invasive or harmful alien species of Wallis and Futuna islands. List have been established by prefectoral decree n°2016 - 407. The list of invasive or harmful alien species is created in accordance with the requirements of Article E.213-1 of the Territorial Environmental Code. It is divided into two categories.

The first category, known as "class I", includes species whose introduction, establishment or spread on the Territory would constitute a threat to species already present, ecosystems, or even to economic and health balances.

The second category known as "class II" includes species whose presence in the Territory may constitute an economic, social or environmental interest but whose introduction or even exploitation must be strictly educated and supervised in order not to present any risk for biodiversity, or for the interests mentioned above.

Publication of this dataset was funded by the European Union We acknowledge GBIF and the BID programme for their support in mobilizing this dataset

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