Vanuatu dugong sightings recorded during CMS dugong catch / by-catch standardised questionnaire 2015-2017

Date created: 21 April 2020

These sightings of dugongs are where members of the local communities say they have seen dugongs during interviews for the CMS dugong catch/ by catch standardised questionnaire. The questionnaire survey was conducted between 2015 and 2017. Sightings were where people remembered seeing dugongs in their lifetimes and some of the dates may not be accurate. The locations of the sightings were drawn onto paper maps and them transcribed to Google earth, hence they may not be accurate.

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Publication Date 2018-12-06
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Additional Info Thank you to David Bloom and John Weiczorek, the instructors on this project for the help and guidance on publishing this data
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Purpose Record the historic dugong sightings data from Vanuatu collected during a dugongs questionnaire survey 2015-2017

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