Palau Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2013-2014

Date created: 25 May 2022 Version 01

The purpose of the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) survey is to obtain information on the income, consumption pattern, incidence of poverty, and saving propensities for different groups of people in Palau. This information will be used to guide policy makers in framing socio-economic developmental policies and in initiating financial measures for improving economic conditions of the people.

Some more specific outputs from the survey are listed below:

a) To obtain expenditure weights and other useful data for the revision of the consumer price index; b) To supplement the data available for use in compiling official estimates of household accounts in the systems of national accounts; c) To supply basic data needed for policy making in connection with social and economic planning, including producing as many of Palau's National Minimum Development Indicators (NMDI's) as possible; d) To provide data for assessing the impact on household living conditions of existing or proposed economic and social measures, particularly changes in the structure of household expenditures and in household consumption; e) To gather information on poverty lines and incidence of poverty throughout Palau.

Version 01: Cleaned, labelled and de-identified version of the Master file.

-HOUSEHOLD: Dwelling characteristics, Vechicles owned, Accessories owned, Activities, Expenditure, Income.
-INDIVIDUAL: Demographic characteristics, Labour force, Health, Communication, Expenditure, Income.

  • Collection start: 2013
  • Collection end: 2014
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Version 01
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