Solomon Islands Maritime Boundary Treaties

Date modified: 14 February 2023

Solomon Islands shares five Maritime Boundary Treaties with its neighbouring States. The following describes each treaty and its progress.

                          Gazetted and Entered into Force
               Treaty between Solomon Islands and Australia

Agreement between the Government of Solomon Islands and the Government of Australia establishing certain sea and sea-bed boundaries, 13 September 1988 (entry into force: 14 April 1989; registration #: 26661; registration date: 23 November 1990

                    Treaty between Solomon Islands and France (New Caledonia)

Agreement on maritime delimitation between the Government of the French Republic and the Government of the Solomon Islands (with chart), 12 November 1990 (entry into force: 12 November 1990; registration #: 27851; registration date: 24 January 1991

                  Treaty between Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea

Treaty between the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Concerning Sovereignty, Maritime and Seabed Boundaries between the Two Countries, and Cooperation on Related Matters, 25 January 1989

                   Treaty between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Treaty Between the Solomon Islands and the Republic of Vanuatu Concerning their Maritime Boundaries of 7 October 2016

                  Signed Treaty between Solomon Islands and Fiji

Maritime boundary treaty agreement between Fiji and Solomon Islands signed in July 2022 and not entered into force.

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