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This SDG Dashboard is the regional dissemination platform for the 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories, and will enable monitoring of progress against the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It holds data on the 132 Pacific Sustainable Development Indicators selected by the region and endorsed by Forum Leaders in the Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development.

Data is being collated from a number of sources, including national household collections, civil registry data, education management information systems, health information systems, treasury papers, and published reports from countries and development partners.

Please be aware that this dashboard is under construction. Static images are being used as placeholders only and will be replaced with interactive graphics and charts in the near future. All Microsoft Excel datasets (downloadable by goal), are temporary and will be replaced with links from each indicator to a dataset stored in a dynamic, interactive indicator database which is also currently under construction.


  1. All indicators presented in this dashboard reference the official United Nations SDG indicator list found here. Any Pacific variations are mentioned along-side the respective indicators in this dashboard.
  2. Pacific Sustainable Development Indicators presented in this dashboard can be downloaded here.
  3. SDGs in the Pacific Booklet can be downloaded here.


These SDG Progress Wheels provide an effective means of quickly visualising target progress throught the Pacific. The wheels should be read as follows:

Note: These progress wheels have been designed by SPC and UNDP. They have been adapted, with permission, from a design originally conceived by OECD.