Forum Leaders’ Pacific Vision promotes peace, harmony, security, social inclusion, and prosperity where all Pacific people can lead-free and healthy lives. The Framework for Pacific Regionalism represents the Forum Leaders ongoing political commitment to work together as one region in order to achieve this vision. To support the Forum Leaders’ Pacific vision, the ”Pacific Regional Education Framework, Moving Towards Education 2030” (PacREF) prioritises action on quality and relevance, free learning pathways, and the teaching profession that will maximise sustainable gains in student learning outcomes and well-being.  The PacREF seeks to promote fully inclusive learning opportunities. Over a three-phased twelve-year period, the PacREF seeks to operationalise commitments by the Member States to raise the quality of education across the Pacific, to enhance learners’ education outcomes, and to produce high-quality graduates who are able to contribute economically and socially to their communities. 

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Dashboards and Tools

Education Dashboard

The purpose of the education dashboard is to provide data visualisations of the SDG 4 thematic indicators for Pacific Islands countries as reported by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS). 

Education Policy Bank

The Education Policy Bank is an online repository containing Pacific Islands countries’ national education policies and strategic plans. It provides a web-based platform for countries to store and share their policies.

Thematic indicators on Education (SDG 4) on PDH.stat

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all : Access to education has improved, shown through increased attendance levels in early childhood, primary and secondary school in the Pacific regi

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