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Dashboards and Tools

Check out our featured dashboards and tools

Pacific Food and Beverage Trade Dashboard

Global data on food trade quantity (in Tonnes) among nations reported to the United Nations by both importers and exporters.

PICs Maritime Boundaries

This dashboard is the regional platform for sharing progress and relevant information on Pacific island maritime boundaries and zones.

PDH.Stat Data Explorer

Indicator database explorer which contains the 132 Pacific Sustainable Development Indicators (SDGs) as well as a range of economic, health, demographic and environmental datasets.

17 Goals To Transform The Pacific

This SDG Dashboard is the regional dissemination platform for the 16 Pacific Island Countries and Territories which are members of the Pacific Islands Forum.

Pacific Map

A geospatial data exploration tool providing easy-to-use map-based visualisation of spatial data.

Population Dashboard

Mid-year estimates population figures based on interpolation of historic census counts and projections.

Trade (IMTS) Dashboard

International Merchandise Trade or Trade in goods comprises tangible products, which add or substract from the stock of material resources of a country by entering (imports) or leaving (exports) its economic territory.

Microdata Library

Online census and survey documentation and archiving application which also provides access to microdata for some collections.

Disability Dashboard

Number and proportion of persons for different disability type and different disability cut-off points.


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