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Electronic reporting logsheet systems: Beauty and the beast

Samoa Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture staff Mrs Laurian Finau Groves (right) and Mrs Tuapou Ariu (left) are trained by Malo Hosken on the use of the OnBoard application developed by SPC to facilitate electronic reporting from tuna longline vessels.

Electronic reporting (ER) logsheet systems available to tuna longline fishing vessels continue to attract interest from the Pacific Community member countries. The ‘beauty’ is the fact that the vessel captain is the only person who enters the data, thereby allowing fisheries officers to spend time on verifying and analysing the data rather than on entering the data manually while reading a (not always clearly written) paper loghseet. The ‘beast’ is the amount of work needed to ensure that the implementation of ER tools is conducted in a standardised manner so that fisheries officers and vessel captains can build their confidence and willingness to use a new reporting system.


For more information:
Malo Hosken
Regional E-Reporting and E-Monitoring Coordinator, SPC
[email protected]