Official Statistics

Official Statistics

Reliable and timely Official Statistics are a basis for good planning, decision making and evidence-based policy formulation, they are essential for the cost-effective management and delivery of core services and are an important component of good governance. Official Statistics are essential for tracking and monitoring all stages of the development process. Statistics and performance indicators cover all stages from budget inputs and outputs through to national and sectoral development outcomes and impacts. Statistical indicators are also essential for monitoring and evaluation of regional and international policy frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Framework for Pacific Regionalism, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and such important areas as the Pacific Disability Framework and the Convenetion Aginst all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

This section of the Pacific Data Hub (PDH) pertains to Official Statistics. Official Statistics are those published by government agencies or other public bodies such as international organisations, as a public good. This section will focus on those statistics generally covered by National Statistics Offices – key economic and social indicators such as population counts, employment/unemployment figures, gender statistics, gross domestic product (GDP), trade, consumer price index (CPI), household energy consumption, household construction materials and more.

Note: There may be some overlap between the Official Statistics you find here and statistics in other sections such as Fisheries and Education.

Dashboards and Tools

Statistics for Development Division

The bulk of SDD’s sector work focuses on economic and social statistics, with other thematic statistical work covered by other SPC divisions.

Population Dashboard

Mid-year estimates population figures based on interpolation of historic census counts and projections.

PDH.Stat Data Explorer

Indicator database explorer which contains the 132 Pacific Sustainable Development Indicators (SDGs) as well as a range of economic, health, demographic and environmental datasets.

Microdata Library

Online census and survey documentation and archiving application which also provides access to microdata for some collections.