Vanuatu Demographic Health Survey 2013

Date created: 24 October 2019
This date indicates the date the dataset metadata was created on Pacific Data Hub.

The scope of the Vanuatu 2013 DHS include:

INDIVIDIUAL/HOUSEHOLD ......basic demographic characteristics of individuals in a particular household dwelling, including age, sex, residence, marital status, educational attainment, eligibility and disability ......basic household caharacteristics of the private dwellings, including sanitation, water, electricity, households materials and household wealth ownership


......women characteristics and background, reproduction, contraception, pregnancy & post-natal care, child immunization, marriage & sexual activity, fertility, economic activity, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other health issues.

MEN's background, reproduction, contraception, marriage & sexual activity, fertility preferences, employment & gender roles, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other health issues


......child labor, child discipline, disability, blood pressure, weight, height measurement, vaccination & immunization.

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Version Notes There is only one version of the documentation which is based on the final datasets from which the preliminary and chapter tables were generated.
DCAT Type dataset
Publisher Name Vanuatu National Statistics Office
Topic Official Statistics
Member countries Vanuatu