Tuvalu, Funafuti, Bathymetry Survey Chart , 1 :50 000 #2

Date created: 15 April 2020
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Funafuti is the largest atoll of the nine low reef islands and atolls that form the Tuvalu volcanic island chain. It comprises numerous islets around a central lagoon that is approximately 25.1 km (N-S) by 18.4 km (W-E), centered on 179 degrees 7'E and 8 degrees 30'S. The resultant data from the SOPAC marine survey carried out for Tuvalu in 2004 was used to produce nine bathymetry charts ,at scales ranging from 1:20 000 to 1:50 000 and the Funafuti Chart is available here for download under the section Distribution Info. This work was initiated by the SOPAC/EU Reducing Vulnerability of Pacific ACP States Project (Task no.: TV 1.1.1).To provide a descriptive picture of the ocean bottom terrain, vividly revealing the size, shape and distribution of underwater features, and serve as the basic tool for scientific, engineering, marine geophysical and environmental studies, as well as marine and coastal resource management.

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