Samoa Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2008

HOUSEHOLD - includes household composition (number of males & females), household characteristics (age, relationship to household head, marital status, education level completed, main daily activity), dwelling characteristics of the main house, household possessions, dwelling tenure, construction & improvements of dwellings, household bills, tranport expenses, acquisition of durables, education & recreation, medical & health services, overseas events and special events.

INDIVIDUAL (15 years and above) - reported wages & salary, income recieved from self employed & other business activities, previous jobs, pension & welfare benefits, other sources of income, loans paid information and amount paid for any contribution to benefit schemes.

DIARY - recording of items bought (on credit & cash) by each selected household over a 2 week period, recording of home grown/ produced items, recording of cash and purchased items received and given as gifts, and recording of winnings (cash and in kind) from gambling, including sports.

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Additional Info

DCAT Type dataset
Publisher Name Samoa Bureau of Statistics (formerly the Department of Statistics under the Ministry of Finance)
Topic Official Statistics
Member countries Samoa