Tuvalu Population and Housing Census 2012

Date created: 24 October 2019
This date indicates the date the dataset metadata was created on Pacific Data Hub.

The scope of Census includes:

  • HOUSEHOLD: Household characteristics such as; Type of Living quarters, House ownership, construction, floor & roof materials, source of drinking water, toilet type, source of cooking energy, method of cooking, source of lighting, type of crops grown, size of garden, types of livestocks, different appliances and electronics own, internet access, cash received, etc.

  • INDIVIDUAL (PERSONAL): List of all Household members, sex, age, date of birth, education and health background, nationality, residential status, ethnicity, religion, disability, internet activities, literacy level, smoke, alcohol, kava, traditional skills, main activities, occupation, etc.

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Additional Info

Version v1.2: Edited data,second version, for internal use only.
DCAT Type dataset
Publisher Name Central Statistics Division
Topic Official Statistics
Member countries Tuvalu