Tokelau Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2015-2016

Date created: 24 February 2020
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-HOUSEHOLD: what did your household buy today (food and non-food items)?, overflow sheet for items bought this week, payments for services made today, overflow sheet for services paid for this week, gambling done today, overflow sheet for items received for free this week, food, non-food and services received for free, overflow sheet for home-produced items consumed / sold / given away, home-produced items - by whom were they used today, housing characteristics, household services expenditure, housing tenure expenditure, cash contributions to special occasions, utilities and communication, provision of financial support, land and home, loans, household goods and assets, household asset insurance and taxes, vehicles and accessories, personal insurance, private travel details (international), electrical household goods' power consumption.

-INDIVIDUAL: household listing, educational status, demographic profile, communication status, activities last week (labour force status), household members who left the household, education, communication, health, luxury items, clothing, alcohol & tobacco, wages and salary, handicraft activities, agricultural and forestry activities, income from non-subsistence business, fishing, gathering and hunting activities, property income, transfer income and other receipts, livestock and aquaculture activities, remittances and other cash gifts.

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DCAT Type dataset
Publisher Name Tokelau National Statistics Office
Topic Official Statistics
Member countries Tokelau