Solomon Islands, North New Hebrides Back Arc Area, 1993, Acoustic Imagery Map

Date created: 15 April 2020
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North New Hebrides Back Arc Area is entirely located in Solomon Islands EEZ.This record shows an Acoustic Backscatter Imagery of the North New Hebrides (Vanuatu) Back Arc Area. The was produced as part of the SOPACMAPS series of 1993 on board the R/V Atalante. Sounding Equipment used: Simrad EM12 Dual. Coast line files (solid lines) are provided under SOPAC responsibility. The cruise was funded by the Eurpean Community and the Data Acquisition and processing done by IFREMER. The chart is not to be used for Navigation. A copy of the map and report can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate link under 'Online resources' with permission from the Secretariat.

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