Republic of Marshall Islands Exclusive Economic Zone (200 Nautical Miles)

Date created: 28 July 2021 Version 3

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Zones Declaration Act 2016 (Nitijela Bill No. 13) repeals the Marine Zones (Declaration) Act 1984 and underlines the delineation and demarcation of the Republic of Marshall Islands exclusive economic zone, It states that the exclusive economic zone of RMI comprises those areas of the sea, seabed and subsoil that are beyond and adjacent to the territorial sea, having as their outer limits a line measured seaward from the baseline with every point of which is not more than 200 nautical miles from the nearest point of the baseline.

The sovereign rights of RMI over its EEZ is outlined in this Act. In addition, the Declaration of Baselines and Maritime Zones Outer Limits under the Act contains the geographical coordinate with reference to the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84). Points are connected by geodesic lines realized in the WGS 84.

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