Palau Exclusive Economic Zone (200 Nautical Miles)

Date created: 30 July 2021 Version 3

Title 27 of the Palau National Code as amended by the Act (SIXTH OLBIIL ERA KELULAU) to Amend Chapter 1 of Title 27 of the Palau National Code defines the exclusive economic zone of Palau as adjacent to the contiguous zone. The inner boundary of the exclusive economic zone of each island or atoll is the seaward boundary of the contiguous zone, and the outer boundary is a line, every point of which is 200 nautical miles seaward of the nearest point on the baseline as defined unless otherwise limited by international law or agreement.

Palau has deposited the coordinates for the outer limits of its exclusive economic zone with the UN as published in M.Z.N.62.2008 (Maritime Zone Notification) 24 June 2008.

The national government shall have exclusive management, conservation, and regulatory authority over all living resources within the exclusive economic zone to the full extent recognized by international law.

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