Pacific Ocean Portal

Date created: 10 April 2019
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With a focus on the western Pacific, this portal provides ocean data relevant to a range of sectors and applications including tourism, fishing, shipping/boating, coastal inundation, environmental management etc. Designed with a user-friendly interface, the portal entry page features the applications, thereby negating the need for users to have universal knowledge of the types of information that may be relevant to their activity. The primary purpose of the portal is both data discovery, and a means of communicating ocean information.

The data consist of near real-time observations, historical information and forecast data displayed as maps and charts. Maps are downloadable and have pan and zoom capability, while the portal itself can be expanded to larger domains - e.g. Indo-Pacific, Australia, Oceania etc. It's been purposefully designed for low bandwidth users.

Key Users (Current & Potential): COSPPac partner PICs and their stakeholders, SPREP, SPC, BoM Climate Data Services Section, a very wide range of users across the Australasian-region, especially if the portal is expanded in its geographic coverage.

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Publisher Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division, Pacific Community (SPC)
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