Guidelines for the design of conjunctive water supply systems in Nauru

Date created: 07 March 2022

The guidelines for the design of conjunctive water supply systems to improve resilience to drought in Nauru have been developed as part of the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) demonstration project initiative. The PACC project involves 14 pacific countries and is aimed at building resilience to impacts of climate change in the key vulnerable socio-economic sectors. In Nauru, drought has been identified has one of the most threatening impact that could result from change in climate patterns. In order to improve the country’s resilience to drought events, the PACC project is currently addressing water use and water resource management.

These guidelines are mainly directed at government agencies, local NGOs, regional organisations and donor agencies interested in developing conjunctive water supply systems in the Pacific Island countries, in order to improve the availability of drinking water, especially during drought periods. It details the process undertook by the PACC team to design two demonstration projects.

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Issued 2021-06-08
Modified 2022-02-11
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