Date created: 28 October 2020
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Population Raster Fiji 2020

Data Input: Settlement footprint generated by combining 2007 household listing locations and Facebook's High-Resolution Population Density Maps (

Population allocated proportionally using 2017 census population counts at enumeration area level.

Year Population Growth Rate of 0.38% has been applied to update population up to 2020

The human settlement footprint with population allocated has been converted into a 100 m resolution raster.

This is a demo version, SDD is still evaluating the methodology but given the COVID outbreak the dataset has been early released.

2020 5 years old derived from simple average annual growth rate applied for the three year period at Tikina level, with simplifying assumption that national rates apply evenly (without other input data, it is seen as appropriate for this exercise)

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Date Stamp 2020-10-28
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