Fiji, South Viti Levu, M29, Bathymetry Chart

Date created: 15 April 2020
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Record holds the bathymetry chart of the Southern coast of Viti Levu. Survey boundaries of the chart are within the Fiji Map sheet , M29 (offshore areas of Vatukarasa to Korovisilou). The chart is part of the survey carried out by the SOPAC Division of SPC, for the south coast of Viti Levu, Fiji. The chart can be downloaded from the Distribution Info section of this record with permission from the Secretariat. Survey covered a total area from Momi (Nadi) in the South West of Viti Levu to the South East of Naselai (Suva) from 03/05/03 to 01/07/03. This work was initiated by the SOPAC/EU Reducing Vulnerability of Pacific ACP States Project.The object was to investigate the seabed and provide information about water depths around the islands using a Multibeam echosounder (MBES).

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