Cook Islands State of the Environment Report 2018

Date created: 07 March 2022

The 2018 State of Environment (SOE) Report for Cook Islands updates the 1993 SOE report, and uses the Drivers, Pressures, State, Impact and Response (DPSIR) model of reporting. The main aims of this report are to: * Identify the key drivers and pressures behind the changing environment in Cook Islands; * Update the assessment of the Cook Islands environment since the 1993 SOE through use of the best available information for seven key thematic areas: Atmosphere and Climate, Inland Waters, Land, Marine, Biodiversity,\ Culture and Heritage and the Built Environment; * Document the social, economic and environmental impacts that result from changes in the state of the environment; * Document current responses by Cook Islands to address changes in the state of the environment that better protect and manage resources; and * Provide recommendations for Cook Islands to address key challenges and build on existing strengths, which are linked actions outlined by the National Environmental Strategy (NEMS).

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Issued 2021-07-16
Modified 2022-02-15
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Publisher Name Cook Islands National Environment Service
Contact Name Elizabeth Munro
Contact Email [email protected]