Tikoca’s MSc collection of macro-moths in lowland forests in Fiji

Date modified: 09 May 2022

The data was collected for a MSc research focusing on macro-moth assemblages in different types of lowland forests in Fiji. The collection of macro-moths were carried out using mercury vapour light traps and manual collection off a standard 2m*2m white sheet was employed. The collection was done in October of 2012.

Data and Resources

Alternate Identifier
  • 10.15468/fw96c0
  • 355e5b39-9d5a-4adc-8332-91669857b81f
  • https://ipt.sprep.org/resource?r=sprh-tikoca-msc-moths-fiji
Language English
DCAT Type Dataset
Temporal Coverage From 2012-10-10
Temporal Coverage To 2012-10-25
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