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Pacific Ocean Monthly Chlorophyll-A May 2018


Click on the image to access Chlorophyll mass concentration data on the Ocean Portal

Recent daily chlorophyll-a maps are available as part of “Coral Reef” and “Fisheries” applications under the Pacific Ocean Portal. Data is available for the past seven days but can be quite sparse due to cloud coverage. If data is missing for a particular day it is recommended to check the days before or after instead.

Monthly chlorophyll-a maps are accessible in the “Ocean Monitoring” application, and offer a near complete coverage. They become available at the beginning of the month. Data dates back to 2002. Chlorophyll is commonly used as a proxy for the biomass of phytoplankton, which has applications in fisheries and coral reef management. Chlorophyll-a is the principal photosynthetic pigment.

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Click on the image above to access Chlorophyll mass concentration data on the Pacific Ocean Portal.