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Mean Available Wave Power


Mean annual wave energy flux (power) 

Mean annual wave energy flux (power) - Calculated based on a 34 year wave hindcast.Ocean waves are often cited as an appealing source of renewable energy in the Pacific but the cost effectiveness of wave energy converters (WECs) is deemed unproven and the technology is rarely considered as a reliable renewable energy resource in Pacific Island countries. However, single/stand-alone WECs could be a competitive option against fossil fuel generators because of the high cost of imported fuel. A study carried out by SPC's Geoscience, Economic and Maritime Divsion analyses the wave energy resource in the Pacific and calculates the potential cost and power generation of a benchmark WEC in Pacific Island countries.Click on the image above to view a summary of a report from the Change Waves and Coasts in the Pacifc (WACOP) project, which is the first step to identify the potential cost of wave energy in the Pacific and advice which islands would benefit the most from wave energy.